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2 June 01, 2018

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3. S.I. Degtyarev, V.M. Zavhorodnia
The Bessarabian Question in 1917–1918: the Relations of Romania, Bessarabia and Ukraine
Number of views: 417      Download in PDF

4. I.V. Stavetskaya
Merchant Tyumen during the First World War: based on the Materials of the Time Edition "Siberian Trade Newspaper"
Number of views: 297      Download in PDF

5. N. Rylova, V. Lobova
The Don Branch of the Committee of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna
Number of views: 298      Download in PDF

6. L.G. Polyakova, L.L. Balanyuk
The Black Sea Province in the First World War: A Historiographical Review
Number of views: 278      Download in PDF

7. A.S. Kovalev, N. Novosel'tsev, O.I. Savin
The Role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled People during the First World War (Demonstrated by the Example of Tomsk Province)
Number of views: 259      Download in PDF

8. A.P. Dvoretskaya, M.D. Severyanov, L.N. Slavina, S.V. Kukhta
Settlers from Belarus early in the Yenisei Province: the Imperial Strategy and the Siberian Reality of the twentieth century
Number of views: 286      Download in PDF

9. S.F. Fominykh, A.O. Stepnov
M.A. Reisner and the Provincial Aspect of Academic Conflicts in the Community of the Imperial Tomsk University
Number of views: 286      Download in PDF

10. E.A. Brukhanova, N.V. Nezhentseva
Opinions about the First 1897 General Population Census in the Russian Empire Expressed in Regional Periodicals and Records Management Documents
Number of views: 269      Download in PDF

11. V.V. Suvorov
The Opinion of M.N. Muravyov and V.N. Lamzdorf on the Cultural and Historical Tasks of Russia in the Far East
Number of views: 274      Download in PDF

12. G.K. Mukanova
Russia and China on the Way to the Alliance of Civilizations, the end of the ХIХ – early ХХ centuries (on the example of Printed Publications)
Number of views: 307      Download in PDF

13. T.A. Kattsina, N.V. Pashina
Historical Experience of Organization and Activity of Tomsk Agricultural Colony for Minors
Number of views: 233      Download in PDF

14. Y.A. Lysenko
The Discussion between Central and Regional Authorities on the Topic of the Affiliation of Muslim Schools in Turkestan (the late half of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries)
Number of views: 281      Download in PDF

15. I.V. Pivovarova, Y.V. Putilina, Y.V. Zubareva, A.M. Mamadaliev
Formation of Ideas about the Siberian Region Pedagogical Press of the late XIX – early XX centuries (on the example of the journal "Russian School")
Number of views: 240      Download in PDF

16. I. F. Vereshchagin, A.M. Tamitskiy, N.M. Terebikhin
The Role of Church Intellectuals in Preserving the National Memory in the Arkhangelsk Governorate in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Number of views: 264      Download in PDF

17. L.J. Anisimova, B.E. Andusev, E.A. Akhtamov
The Problems of Socialization of the Convicts in Old Resident Community in the Yenisei Region of Siberia in the XIX century
Number of views: 257      Download in PDF

18. V.N. Cherepanova, I.A. Filippova, V.S. Molchanova
Migration Problems in Survey of Liberal Press the second half of XIX – early XX centuries
Number of views: 243      Download in PDF

19. P. Tišliar, J. Dolák, Ľ. Kačírek
Changes in Cultural Strategy and Cultural Policies in Slovakia in the 20th Century and at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Museums and Other Memorial Institutions in a Socio-Political Context
Number of views: 256      Download in PDF

20. A.B. Khramtsov
Siberian Mayors and Heads: Legal Status, Structure and their Contribution to Development of the Region (1870–1917)
Number of views: 256      Download in PDF

21. B.N. Mironov
Imperial, Soviet, and Post-Soviet Modernization
Number of views: 286      Download in PDF

22. G.A. Alpyspaeva, S.N. Sayahimova
The Role of the Merchant Class in the Development of the Provincial City of Akmolinsk (the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XXth centuries)
Number of views: 297      Download in PDF

23. G.M. Karasayev, K.A. Yensenov, A.M. Auanasova, K.J. Nurbai
Migration of Russian Peasants to the East Regions of Kazakhstan at the late XIX – beginning of the XX century (the Historic Significance)
Number of views: 283      Download in PDF

24. A.E. Kotov, V.V. Kalinovsky
The Problem of Nihilism on the Pages of the Regional Church Periodicals (based on the Materials of the Editions of the Taurian Diocese of the 1870–1890s)
Number of views: 246      Download in PDF

25. Y.F. Katorin, A.P. Nyrkov, V.B. Karataev
Seamen in the Gasp-Tekinskoy Expedition
Number of views: 1437      Download in PDF

26. I.V. Anisimova
Formation and Development of the Social Control System in the Steppe Krai in the second half of the XIX – early XX century
Number of views: 252      Download in PDF

27. O.V. Ustinova, V.E. Dudin
Features of Migration Processes and their Influence on the Formation of the Working Class in Russia in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries
Number of views: 250      Download in PDF

28. A.F. Smyk, E.I. Makarenko
The Imperial Russian Technical Society Activities, Aimed at the National Industry Development (the second half of XIX – beginning of XX centuries)
Number of views: 323      Download in PDF

29. O.H. Mukhatova, N.N. Kurmanalina, I.S. Dulatova
From the Russian Pre-revolutionary Historiography of the Great Silk Road
Number of views: 326      Download in PDF

30. G.U. Karpykova, B.M. Utegenova, S.O. Ospanov
The Development of School Education in the Turgay Region in the second half of the nineteenth century
Number of views: 314      Download in PDF

31. G. Rajović, D.O. Ezhevski, A.G. Vazerova, M. Trailovic
Letters as a Source of Propaganda during the Kakheti Uprising of 1812
Number of views: 274      Download in PDF

32. I.A. Ermachkov, L.A. Koroleva, N.V. Svechnikova, J. Gut
The Plague in the Caucasus in 1801–1815 years: Part II
Number of views: 248      Download in PDF

33. A.I. Kashirin, A.S. Semenov, V.V. Strenalyuk
A Historical Example of the Formation of Unique Technical Competencies in Military Affairs. The Establishment of Aeronautical Intelligence in the XIX – early XX centuries
Number of views: 267      Download in PDF

34. A.T. Urushadze, A.A. Cherkasov, A. Valleau
Eastern Georgia and the Protectorate of the Russian Empire (1783-1801): Terms, Features and Outcomes of Political Interaction
Number of views: 291      Download in PDF

35. N.D. Borshchik, E.V. Latysheva, D.A. Prohorov
Formation and Operation of Customs Agencies in Crimea at the Initial Stage (1783–1822)
Number of views: 262      Download in PDF

36. L.V. Batiev, S.S. Kazarov
Novo-Nakhichevan Magistrate: Origin, Structure, Functions
Number of views: 246      Download in PDF

37. M.T. Raimbekova, G.S. Bedelova
The Historical and Ethno-Demographic Situation Of Kyrgyz Nation in Kazakhstan
Number of views: 409      Download in PDF

38. M.V. Ragulina, N.V. Rogovskaya, M.A. Grigorieva, N.A. Ippolitova
Geographical Factors of Formation of Agriculture in the Baikal Region in the XVII–XIX centuries
Number of views: 245      Download in PDF

39. S.V. Lyubichankovskiy, K.G. Akanov
Orenburg in the History of Integration of Kazakh Steppe in the Russian Imperia XVIII – beginning of XX century
Number of views: 331      Download in PDF

40. A.Y. Skrydlov
To the Scientific Organizations Funding History in Russia: Academic Privilege for Calendars Issue (1728–1865)
Number of views: 254      Download in PDF

41. P.A. Merkulov, E.A. Turin, E.N. Savinova, N.G. Akatova
The Highland’s Socio-Cultural Heritage in the Context Of Scientific Comprehension of the Historical Imperatives of the Scottish Society’s Political Development. Part 2
Number of views: 255      Download in PDF

42. E.V. Vodyasov, O.V. Zaitceva
Results of Interdisciplinary Research of Hillfort «Toyanov Gorodok»
Number of views: 257      Download in PDF

43. L.A. Bobrov, A.К. Kushkumbayev, A.V. Salnikov
Oirat Helmet of the XVII – mid-XVIII centuries from the Akmola Regional History Museum
Number of views: 367      Download in PDF

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